Ruining My Childhood: A Pirate’s Love, chapter five

A Pirate's Love by Johanna Lindsey

Welcome to yet another exciting recap of A Pirate’s Love by Johanna Lindsey, a historical romance novel first published in 1978.

When last we left Bettina, she had just been given the definition of rape.

Chapter five now has the Windsong in warmer waters. After a storm, Bettina wants to go up on deck in the morning sun to get her hair to dry faster. Madeleine protests this and there’s some concern about the creepy crew again, but the captain allows it. The power of Bettina’s amazing blonde hotness dooms them all:

“Ladies, you must return to your cabin quickly.” Bettina jumped as the captain came up behind her. “If that seadog of a lookout had been doing his job, instead of watching you, then he would have seen the vessel in time. As it is, they are coming straight for us.”

“Is there anything to be alarmed about, Capitaine?” Bettina asked worriedly, a frown puckering her brow.

“That ship is not flying her colors. She may be a pirate vessel.”

A bunch of pirates.

And Lindsey pulls no punches on making this pirate attack really horrifying:

A thunderous blast echoed in the small cabin, and then they heard the cracking of timber and a loud crash. They knew that one of the Windsong masts had fallen.

Soon they felt a jarring, as of one ship coming upagainst the other. Shouting could be heard, and gunfire, and the sickening sound of screams—men screaming as they met their deaths. Madeleine sank to her knees to pray, and Bettina quickly joined her. After a short while, the gunfire ceased, and they heard boisterous laughter. Perhaps the crew of the Windsong had won. Was it too much to hope for, that they were safe now? But then they heard English words among the laughter. The crew of the Windsong was entirely French, and spoke only French. The pirates had won!

And then…wait. What? That’s the end of the chapter?
Wart from The Sword in the Stone with tea.
I…guess I’ll see you all tomorrow with chapter six?

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