Review: How to Beguile a Duke

How to Beguile a DukeHow to Beguile a Duke by Ally Broadfield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are three things I expect a romance novel to do for me, at a minimum: it needs to make me laugh, it needs to make me cry, and it needs to make me melt.

Having just finished How to Beguile a Duke, I’m torn between doing all three at once. Catherine is a wonderful heroine whom I just wanted to hug and save from all the rumors and judgement around her. Nick is a very nearly perfect hero in every way. I really believed these two falling in love and I also really believed in everything that was keeping them apart. Their own insecurities and the expectations of society made the misunderstandings between them believable and heartbreaking.

But more than anything else? This was a fun book. I didn’t just laugh. I cackled. I cringed. I kicked my feet (and my cat was on them at the time, oops) and wished I had a friend nearby to read passages out loud to.

I just finished it and I have other books I want to read, but I’m also tempted to go back and reread passages. Definitely a new favorite.

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