What a night!

Image of birthday cakeWow! I think this was probably my best birthday ever, in all honesty. And that’s including the year we had a dance party in my living room.

First of all, of course, my novella came out. That was fantastic all on its own and would have made the day special regardless.

But I got to have four of my favorite ladies in the world here with me for drinks and food and laughter. (If only all of my favorite ladies could have been here!) The cake was fantastic and beautiful. Thank you so much for your decorating skills, India. ♥ The pizza turned out absolutely delicious, too. I think the olive oil and sea salt I put on the crust really pushed it over the top. And the ice cream had peanut butter cups in it. Look, you just can’t go wrong with ice cream that has candy in it. End of discussion.

The conversation and good times with some of my most cherished people in the world around me made it the best, though. And then getting to take that party from my home to the virtual release party? Magical. So many great people showed up and there was fun from start to finish. The part when we were discussing men online and then out in meatspace I heard “OMG IDRIS ELBA IS SO HOT. DID YOU KNOW HOW HOT HE IS?” was the highlight for me.

Thanks to everyone–here physically, online, or just in my heart–who contributed to a wonderful day for me. May we have many more years like this together.

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