My birthday AND a book birthday?

One Night in VegasToday is definitely going to be an incredibly busy day for me. It’s my birthday and I’ll be hosting a small party here at my home. I’ll also be hosting a Facebook release party because it’s my book birthday!


One Night in Vegas is my debut novella with Entangled, which I’m thrilled over. Chris and Eliza were so much fun to write about (they’ll be showing up again in print, so keep your eyes out for that!) and I’ve been in love with Entangled for a while now, so it’s an honor to be writing for them.


Dinner tonight is going to be alfredo vegetarian pizza (using my own recipe), finished with a balsamic vinegar drizzle, and salad and drinks. Dessert is a homemade red velvet cake with white chocolate pudding between the layers and cream cheese frosting, as well as peanut butter cup ice cream. I’m going to do my best not to go into a food coma before I have to start my turn at the release party!


Now, if you want to wish me a happy birthday, how about some book love and checking out One Night in Vegas? 😉


One thought on “My birthday AND a book birthday?

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