One Night in Vegas

One Night in Vegas

Title: One Night In Vegas (a Gambling Hearts novella)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, novella
Length: 100 pages
Release Date: December 8, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-63375-160-6
Imprint: Lovestruck

You can’t avoid fate…

Eliza DeMatteo returns to her hometown of Las Vegas on vacation knowing her matchmaking older brother is probably going to try and set her up with his best friend. But Eliza already knows plenty about sexy cowboy Christian Yerrick, the man who crushed her heart when they were kids. In fact, she’s determined to avoid Chris completely…until she runs into his truck on the Las Vegas freeway.

Chris has his own misgivings about seeing Eliza. His lingering feelings for her trigger all of his issues with relationships. Especially long-distance ones, which is the only kind of relationship they’d ever have. Still, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy New Year’s Eve together. But when the fireworks between them burn hotter than the Vegas Strip, Chris and Eliza know they only have one night to get it right. Because this time, what doesn’t happen in Vegas could haunt them forever…


Chris parked the truck and climbed out to survey the view. They were perched on one of the mountains that ringed Las Vegas Valley so that the Strip off in the distance was displayed below them. He heard Eliza gasp behind him.

“Wow. This is even better than the view from the Ferris wheel. It’s been so long since I’ve been out here and it’s just…so much bigger now.”

With her close by, he couldn’t resist reaching out to brush her hand with his fingers. She caught his fingers with her own, tangling them together. Using their clasped hands, he tugged her closer and she came readily. Even without their bodies touching, he could have closed his eyes and known exactly where her every limb was, based on the warmth.

His free hand went to her cheek and, before he could make another move, she darted forward to catch his lips with hers. The boldness won a pleased groan of surprise from him. She’d been the one who left, but when he kissed her he felt like he was the one coming home after a trip that lasted far too long. Every memory—from the past and newly created—returned in force. Her warmth. How she fit against his body. The way her skin smelled faintly of roses, even after all these years. The taste of her lips under his, more practiced than they’d been the first time they’d kissed but no less sweet. Those full lips parted and took the invitation, his tongue sweeping past them. Just like the kiss on the Ferris wheel, he was intoxicated by her touch.

Holding her close to him, he gently pressed her back against the tailgate of his truck and trailed his mouth down the side of her throat, where he teased with kisses and soft nips of his teeth. Dimly, he was aware of an alarm going off on her phone, but it was the least important thing he could imagine at that moment.

“Fireworks,” she breathed.

His hand freed itself from hers to slide up inside her jacket, resting on her stomach for the moment, though the urge to feel her breast in his palm was strong. “I agree.”

She laughed and drew back from him a few inches. “I thought we were going to light off actual fireworks before the big show at midnight.”

He groaned. “Really? That’s what we’re doing?”

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